Blissful Cactus Studio

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Mel Marcantonio

Walking home from the bus stop at 7 years of age, I discovered a mini Van Gogh book lying on the ground. I felt a sense of wonder awakened within me as I flipped through the pages. The colors and textures so beautiful, I felt an instant connection to art.

I would paint through much of my youth, but it wouldn't be until much later when I would really pursue my passion for creating. I started with acrylics, and worked my way through several different mediums. My studio looked like that of a mad scientist lab with everything from spackle, to dye's, and every sort of paint imaginable. I would have some success with my paintings and mixed media's, but I was internally struggling with the structure of paint. I was in need of something more freeing and fluid. I purchased a bottle of alcohol ink on a whim and over time found my niche. The flowing pigment allows me to capture the elements of nature that inspire me.


My Process:


All of my works are created with a brushless technique using alcohol ink. Alcohol ink is a free flowing and unpredictable medium that allows me to experiment without boundaries. A few drops of ink, with a little coaxing and patience, becomes the cool rush of the ocean floor. Vivid colors blended and tilted at just the right angle transform into textured grains of sand under a searing desert sky. I can never re-create an ink painting, so each piece is an original. Every piece has a story to tell.

WaterFire "Artbeat" artist market.
Live demo for a charity event.

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